Since early times, humans have been making innovations in their living style. People used to lived in caves. Then they started building houses with wood and mud. Then humans became advanced and started making proper houses of bricks and stones. They started making houses of all shapes and styles. The houses were made according to the climatic needs of the people. People who lived in hot countries made houses with a lot of space so that air could keep it cool. The people in cold regions made houses of wood and made them centrally heated.

The houses and homes whatever their style and structure they need doors and windows. The doors and windows are made of wood, metal frames and glass. There are a lot of varieties of frames and designs. People can buy readymade or give orders of doors and windows of their choice. There are beautiful doors made of wood and plywood. They can be simple or have pictures carved on them. Timber is also used in making doors and windows. The material for making door seals Sydney is available in hard ware stores. We can order of our choice or we can make them. The stores have doors and windows of different colours and styles.

Some are elegant and some are heavy. The doors and windows of residential buildings are different from those of commercial buildings. The entry doors Sydney of malls and plazas are made of glass with metal frames. They are fire proof and of different designs. They are made keeping in mind the security purposes. The front doors of houses are mostly made of wood and glass. They can be of sober colours or bright ones, depending on the choice of residents. Similarly windows can be of wood or metal frames with glass fitted in.

The doors and windows of hospitals and nursing homes are made keeping in mind the security and need of the residents. Mostly they are simple and secure. The doors of schools and colleges are built in such a way that the place can be airy and secure. The doors and windows of hotels and restaurants are stylish and attractive. They can be of wood or glass. The glass doors can be sliding or rotator. These types of doors are also used in banks. The airports and train stations have big doors and big windows made of glass. It is secured and thick. There are many types of glass used in making doors and windows.

The countries like in Africa do not use glass but mostly bamboo and wood. In countries with cold climate, different types of wood are used. Timber, oak and other types of wood are used. Different designs and styles in the variety of doors and windows give customers a wide range of choice. They are able to choose according to the design of their homes or offices. In offices people like to have executive type of doors and windows. It gives a stylish look to the offices. Door seals are also used.