There is a common perception regarding this word management, it’s complicated and one requires a specialized degree to handle anything or everything related to management. There is another perception that people use management with almost everything; honestly they do it right because management is everywhere and anywhere. And when it comes to projects, construction and huge projects one just cannot imagine taking even a single step without planning or managing. Click here for more if you need someone to contact to like The Chillie Group.

So here we will discuss a broader aspect i.e. project management. Because construction and construction project management have been discussed number of times but, this is the right time to shed some light on project management. Essentially project management is fun but more importantly it’s very easy it’s not a profession of its own like accounting or auditing or reporting, it’s a complimentary discipline that helps one to run the projects very easily as simple is that and the best part is pretty much all the professionals be it an accountant or a chemist can benefit from it so, if somebody wants to know how to manage the project at work or any other project it’s applicable to every single professional one can thing of; absolutely there is nobody in any profession who hasn’t handled any just so happen that they don’t know that they are handling the project but they are doing in daily work life.

If one is preparing for the PMP and CAPAM exam one has to simplify the project management as a logic and a lifestyle. There is a specific guide consists of 500 pages known as PM guide which is quite dry and boring but contains so much to learn. There is a fantastic saying “put first thing first” so one has to understand the concept of the word ‘project’ usually people misunderstand the term operations with the project which is so not true, there is a slight difference between the two, project always ends such as: on ehas generated a product and now the product is there project is done (ended simple), whereas in operations is an ongoing effort it repetitive. Program is multiple projects put together on the other hand portfolio is multiple programs put together so it goes like, project than program and then portfolio. there are two methodologies for project management one is project life cycle and the other is project management process, most people also confuse between these two; in short they are not interchangeable absolutely not. It is highly recommended to understand the basic terms and regulations of a project management, it’s not a field it’s a style of working. A person who can manage a project can handle any huge operation or project without a glimpse of overconfidence.