Knee arthroscopy is a surgery that is done by trusted orthopaedic surgeons. It helps in diagnosing the issue in the knee and then treating it. For diagnosing the issue in the knee, an orthopaedic surgeon will place a very small camera in your knee attached with a stick known as arthroscope which will allow him to see the inside of your knee on the monitor. In this way, he diagnoses the issue in your knee joint and after diagnosing, he will treat it accordingly. The process of knee arthroscopy involves risk and the prospect should be given to the patients before the arthroscopy.

If you are suffering from a pain in the knee, then you should unquestionably visit a doctor. A doctor will recommend a knee arthroscopy. If the pain is minor then the doctor may diagnose the issue with the non-surgical method but if the pain is severe and he fails to diagnose the issue then he would recommend a knee arthroscopy through which the issue in your knee will be diagnosed. Most of the time, aged people experience knee pain and if the pain is severe or unbearable then you need a knee arthroscopy. Also, when people go through some accident and get their knee fractured than the knee arthroscopy is a requirement. Moreover, knee arthroscopy is done to remove a cyst in your knee, to fix the two ends of the knee joint if they get rough, to fix the joint disorder, to replace or repair the damaged bone etc.

Before doing a knee arthroscopy, an orthopaedic surgeon would inject anesthesia in your body to make the knee numb. Some doctors make you faint and some just inject anesthesia on that particular area to make that part numb so you do not feel any pain, and you would be able to see the knee arthroscopy process on the monitor screen. The surgeon will cut your skin and then interpolate an arthroscope in your knee through which he will see the obstacle in your knee. When the surgeon finally diagnosis the problem, he then does the surgery through some tools and fixes your knee. After the surgery is done, the surgeon sews the cut and writes the prescription for your improvement. The recovery depends on how big the problem is or how you are taking care of it.

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