This little piece is not for architects but for people commissioning a building or for people looking to buy into a part of a new high rise building. There are actually many things to consider when trying to decide what sort of a building you should build or buy into. Those items of course are far too lengthy to be discussed in a small article like this, however there are some key items that you have to consider when you are buying a high rise building or buying into one that will be discussed here. One thing to look into when thinking about building or buying into a high rise building is to see how far ahead the architect has thought things through. A good indication for this is when the architect is presenting the design for the building they talk about stuff that do not seem like they are important at the time being but turn out to be very important when you look on the long run. Factors like using a boom pump to pump cement or a fire exit or something as simple as a smoking area. These are small areas that can be insignificant and mandate but have a very important long term benefit or effect. Like with the pump, this highlights that no corners are being cut and proper tools and techniques are being used to make sure the end product is of high quality.  

The next thing to look into is the level of quality that the architects and the builders put into the building. While some of these things can be a little expensive at the start, a little good research will quickly highlight the many benefits of using proper quality products. This can be from complex items like lifts and escalators or something simple like how the concrete pump Hunter Valley is done. Both these means that though they may be expensive right now, in the long term these are areas that will benefit you a lot in service and maintenance costs. In addition to the financial benefits these two aspects bring into a building, there are also many other benefits. Using the proper and highest quality of product can be a very good marketing strategy that actually allows you to charge a little extra because a customer will always appreciate a good quality product. This way it will be extremely easy for you to quickly and easily see the returns on your investment in high rise buildings. And if you get these two aspects correct, the building will practically sell themselves.