Kestrel has a diverse range of products on sale in its stores. Their products include doors, screens, windows and numerous others household installations. And within each product category, there are further many designs and sizes of products. When it comes to doors, Kestrel definitely has the best in town collection. They make security screens out of stainless steel for primarily security purposes. In addition to that, they also have doors made from steel only. This product is known as “Heritage Steel Door”. As the name suggests, these doors are perfect to have in houses in Melbourne as well as all over Australia. These are a blend of old, traditional designs in which detail was of prime importance. The price of this door begins from eight hundred and ninety dollars. And increases further depending upon the additional features that you want to incorporate, for example, the triple lock for this door cost hundred and twenty dollars whereas the hinged lock costs only twenty-five dollars. Additional features include the extension jamb and the security bars. The jamb costs two hundred and ninety dollars whereas the bars only are for eighty dollars.

Significant features of this door include the way it has been made. According to the dimensions of the door that you require, they weld that design and size, after that they sandblast it and plate it with zinc. This is done to have a smooth finish and to enhance its durability. The best part is that they have the option of coating it with the color that the customer chooses, so now share your favorite color with the team at Kestrel to make sure that the steel doors Melbourne made of steel custom made for your home is color coated as per your preference. These doors will make sure that you are safe behind them as you can lock it at three different points. This means that when you turn the key once, the door is secured from the top, middle and bottom all in once. In addition to this lock between the door and its frame, the mesh installed in it is also tough. These are made from aluminium, if you think that aluminium is lighter in weight, yes that is a property, but they utilize the heavy duty, which means that is strong enough to protect you. The diameter of the mesh is point four six, and within an area of square inch there are approximately fourteen strands of wire and these are lack in color, which means that it reduces the outside glare.

Another door that is available at Kestrel is the “Diamond Grill Barrier”. First made during the seventies, these doors are even relevant today as they encapsulate the essential elements of Australian history. These are the choice when looking for practicality and cost effectiveness together in one door type. Significant feature of this door includes the grill which is made out of Aluminium with a thickness of about seven millimeter.

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