Design is an act of creating something out of nothing, it is a process of collecting information from the client you’ll design for and connecting it to the design. It could also be defined as a set of shapes or lines arrange to form a functional space such as homes, offices, salons, and many more. This article will further explain differences in designing such space. Designing a home will differ in every personality of your client’s hobby, needs and wants. Always consider the number of users, the condition of the location, and they feel they would like to share with their future guest. In some cases, they would choose to make it cozy, entertaining or fun. Another important consideration is the size. A home could range to a tiny home or an acreage home design. Tiny homes could come in all shapes and forms but it is a challenge to all designers since the lot size allotted for such home is usually in square feet that need to compress all necessary spaces. These types of homes are considered to be the best option for couples however it may might cost more per square feet than a regular custom homes Lithgow while the acreage home design could either be an open plan wherein the size, price and location does not matter however the designer is obligated to create a distinct feature that can be seen by anyone. In most cases, it is built in the client’s property. The process for business establishments such us café, restaurants, and salons starts with the location and its existing competitors, the designer should consider the spaces available in its competitors to upgrade its design to be the best. 

Another consideration is the workflow in every area and the customers flow within the establishments. In some cases, the client would like to put up a theme that they want to execute through the interior design but in most cases, the theme is introduced by the designer it could also be called us branding. Offices, meeting rooms and boardrooms are the usually spaces needed in a corporation however the number of each space depends on the number of users. From that information, it is then computed together with the required spaces in such structure to conclude the floor area needed in a building.The above information is the basic information a designer must consider there are more rules and regulation in every type of structure a designer must consider which accrued to all their years of education, seminars, and experiences.